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The Foundation's preference is to make grants of between £500-£4000 up to 50% of the cost, usually to initiate projects when a club, school or other organisation can demonstrate their ability to complete the project.  Grants are made to support rowing only. The Foundation does not give grants to support sailing or swimming.

The Rowing Foundation does not give grants to individuals, only to clubs and organisations, and for a specific purpose, not as a contribution to general funds.

The Rowing Foundation prefers to encourage participation in rowing by the young or disabled through the provision of equipment, such as boats, sculls,  oars and essential safety equipment. Coaching, revenue or any commitment requiring long term support are rarely approved.

To comply with their charity status, the Trustees must retain their absolute discretion when considering grant applications to ensure the objects are charitable, that is for public benefit. That requirement, and the conditions of the Rowing Foundation's charter, means that our support must be: non-elitist; for the benefit of young people; those in full time education; or disabled. However, the Trustees are always happy to discuss these how these criteria might be applied when the donor of a gift or legacy expresses a wish to help particular scheme.

After the award of a capital grant clubs are not expected to apply again for at least three years.

Forthcoming meetings in 2024Deadlines for applications in 2024
  • Thursday 21 March
  • Thursday 22 February
  • Monday 17 June
  • Monday 20 May
  • Monday 25 November
  • Monday 28 October



Applications are made using this online application form.

Enquiries can directed to the Secretary :

Tessa Millar