Project Oarsome Refurbishment

Since Spring 2015  the Rowing Foundation, supported by the Henley Stewards' Charitable Trust, and British Rowing, has allocated grants of up to £3000 for the refurbishment of boats used by juniors, to eight rowing clubs throughout the country.  Initially only Project Oarsome boats manufactured by Janousek were eligible for the scheme but after a review by the Trustees, it has been decided that, for the time being, all boats regardless of the original manufacture that are being used EXCLUSIVELY by juniors are eligible for the scheme.

The applications will be dealt with by the Trustees of the Rowing Foundation and there will be one grant each month

The applications are to be submitted in the form of a handwritten A4 sheet of plain paper by a junior rower who has been through the J14 category reflecting their passion for the sport and the need to get their boats refurbished.

Applications are to be submitted by the first day of each month to:

Jeremy Dale, The King’s School, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4DB

They will be assessed by Trustees of the Rowing Foundation and the successful and unsuccessful applicants will be advised within 14 days. An unsuccessful club may submit a new application in 4 months. 

The application should be accompanied by a binding letter signed by the Club Chairman, Secretary , Treasurer or other appropriately authorised Officer itemising the boats that need to be refurbished and  confirming that the submission firstly has the approval of the committee; secondly that the funds required to be met by the Club are already available and finally, that the Club is prepared to react immediately on receipt of the notification and would arrange for delivery  of the boats to the repairer within 14 days of being advised the repairer that they have the capacity to do the refurbishment.  If such a letter is not submitted then the application will not be considered and promises of future fundraising efforts will not be accepted in lieu of the provision of the aforementioned binding letter. Please also provide phone and email contacts.

Arrangements and prices have been agreed with the repairers.  

The funding available by way of a contribution from the Rowing Foundation is a maximum of £3,000.00 (including VAT) or such lesser sum being a maximum of 50% of the refurbishment cost of the boats sent to the repairer. The clarification of the scope of Refurbishment is a Hull and Tops Service  and the Rowing Foundation will NOT contribute to damage repairs carried out during such a refurbishment beyond two hours per application for work unless this is stated in the application (in the confirming submission from the club official) and before any work is done.

Whilst the grant is specifically allocated on a per boat basis it is appreciated that some boats will need more than just a hulls and tops service (beyond the two hours repair work). If this is the case it should be made clear by the club official either when the application is submitted or when it first arrives at the repairers before the work is done.

All boats refurbished under this scheme will be required to display a saxboard sticker on each side indicating the contribution of the Funders.

Please address any enquiries regarding this scheme here